What is Machine Learning in Python? Types of Machine Learning, Steps in Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) allows computer to learn to do things without explicit programming. Computer can learn and adapt when presented with information in appropriate way. Machine learning based on Purchase and search history.


Pagination Python Flask MySQL

Pagination is the process of dividing document into discrete pages. Using Python Flask you can create pagination or multi page result.  In your database create table with name “posts” with columns (id, title, content), as I used in this example. We want to display fi....

Creating Table In Database with Flask-SQLAlchemy in a Python.

Using python flask we are going to learn on how to use SQLAlchemy to create table. SQLAlchemy is simple to use in querying. First thing you need to prepare your virtual environment for your project using command line (In Windows or Linux).

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Creating Simple Gallery Using Python Flask.

Using python flask you can create Gallery system. Gallery system is a system that you can store images.In this tutorial shows how to create gallery system using python flak. Start your localhost (i.e. XAMMP) and follow the following procedures,

Data Analysis and Visualization in Python.

Data Analysis and Visualization in Python. Data visualization means is a graphical representation of information and data such as charts and graphs. 

Data analysis means inspecting and modeling data for dis....

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